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Preserving Your Future - Legacy Planning for Older Women Artists

THURS 16 April, 6:30PM - 8.00PM

Preserving Your Future - Legacy planning for older women artists explores the complex layers of legacy planning for artists, in particular addressing the barriers faced by older women artists. Designed as an introduction to the myriad of issues to consider and navigate, the forum will provide preliminary information and case studies on the requirements of law, copyright, moral rights, conservation and archiving, and planning with the future managers of your estate.

Assoc Professor Kate MacNeill will share her knowledge and expertise in this area. Artists and members of And Also Presents and the Women’s Art Register will discuss the underlying issues and the steps in managing your artistic legacy. Asking the questions; How do I want to be remembered as an artist? What is the value of my life’s work to my community? Who is best equipped to manage my legacy? Where do I start?

Presented by And Also Presents and the Women's Art Register


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Penny Byrne, Keep Young and Beautiful if you want to be Loved 2011, Vintage porcelain figurines, Epoxy putty, cotton tape, vintage Barbie doll sun glasses, enamel paints, blue and black Sharpie texta

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