Flesh after Fifty


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Brazen Hussies (Catherine Dwyer, 2020, Australia)

SAT 27 March, 7:40PM - 9:40PM

Meet the makers! Introductory remarks pre-screening.

"Brazen Hussies adds depth and breadth to the second-wave stories of our popular imagination: consciousness-raising circles in the suburbs, femocrats seizing power in government, Germaine Greer urging a female orgasm-led revolution."
The Guardian

It was the mid-1960s and the demands of a few "brazen hussies" gave rise to a powerful social movement for equality. Introducing contemporary audiences to the radicals and reformists of Australia’s second-wave feminist movement, Brazen Hussies traces a revolutionary chapter in our history

In this critically acclaimed documentary, Catherine Dwyer combines rarely seen archival footage with personal stories from the women on the ground campaigning to make change for a better, more equal world. A celebration of the legacy of bold women, this film inspires, empowers and pushes all of us to keep fighting for change.

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